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About Us

Chemolux Šarić since 1990

Chemolux Šarić d.o.o. is a renowned company that has been operating since 1990, we started with the retail and wholesale of classic paints and varnishes for the house and construction.

In 1993, we introduced the car repair program through the Standox and Mobiheli brands together wit 3M where we still successfully supply our customers in this market segment.

In 1996, we introduced the Professional Shipping Program through renowned brands like 3M Marine, Jotun, Sika, Hempel, MS Polymer Frateli Zuchini.

1999 Chemolux enters the Composite Industry market as a supplier to several reputable companies of Polyester Resins, Gelcoates and Glass Oges.

2008 We start cooperation with the English company Upol intended for car repair and Podbernod Raptor for HI TECH Coatings for Off-Road and Working Vehicles resistant to all possible wear.

In 2010 we start with the Cooperation with the Italian Leading Brand Skipper's which covers the market of Paints for Yachts and Ships, same year we begin cooperation with company Smart and their Epoxy and Polyester Program.

In 2012, we expanded our cooperation with Lavesan and Bufa, manufacturers of Gelcoat and Adhesives for the Composite Industry.

2020 We represent the Vin company Boytek from Turkey as the leading producer of Polyester Smoski.

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